Monday, January 29, 2007

Impatience, illness, fear and violence (all on Sunday)

Hi everyone:

We are still awaiting responses from doctors and insurers regarding Patty's next round of chemotherapy, and again trying to get her regular prescriptions sorted out (it's always something.) We're fortunate that Patty seems to be faring pretty well of late, because she could get much worse while the powers-that-be sort out the administrative nonsense.

Kelly has been felled by some sort of bug since Friday night. Night and day, she has been struggling to keep her stomach down, and enjoying little success. Mercifully, the only other person who seems to be showing symptoms is me, and I haven't been nearly as incapacitated. Kelly is home today; we're hoping she'll recover enough to go back to school tomorrow.

PJ recently acquired his learner's permit, so I asked him to drive me to and from the library yesterday. He did quite well, and made few mistakes for an inexperienced driver; even so, I swear that the impressions of my fingers are permanently gouged into the armrest. As we were traveling I recalled, with some fondness and some newfound empathy, that my Dad took me out for driving practice 24 years ago; I wonder if he's recovered yet.

As mentioned, Patty hasn't been ailing as much as in earlier times. This is not to say, though, that she's been given a reprieve from discomfort. Yesterday, as I tossed the phone on the bed, I scored a direct hit on the top of Patty's left foot. Later, as I reached to put my arm around her for a hug, I accidentally punched her in the bridge of the nose. This lady never catches a break.


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Kevin said...

I don't beleive your PJ/Library story for two reasons:
1) I'm pretty sure Oswego has no library (unless you're calling the local feed store a library).
2) PJ, and every teenager that I know, would not be so desperate to drive that he would actually go to a library, even if one existed.