Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Sixteen candles...

Hi everyone:

Patrick (PJ) turned 16 today...Happy Birthday, son. We celebrated the occasion last night. Neil continued his visit (he leaves tomorrow), and PJ's girlfriend Kelsey joined us for dinner and cake. PJ blew out the candles on the cake from my surprise party of the other night--the cake we completely forgot to serve. We simply scratched off "Brian", added "PJ", changed some candles, and that was that. The cake is so large that there will likely be leftovers for several days.

We've really enjoyed Neil's visit, as is always the case. We do a lot of laughing, often to the extent that one or more of us is unable to speak for laughter. We seem to also do a lot of cooking. Today, Neil and I have been working on a shepherd's pie, using some leftover beef from our dinner last night. It's seldom an elegant dish, but it's always been one of my favorites. Patty is even a good sport about the addition of many peas to the dish, even though she detests peas.

I'm still on a high about the party of the other night, and still shaking my head that so many people were able to visit. I think I'd like to celebrate all of my birthdays in this fashion.

Tomorrow, Patty has an appointment with Dr. Costanzo, and on Friday she has a follow-up with a rheumatologist at UCH. Hopefully, we will finally get some answers about the future direction for Patty. To be honest, I'm pretty exasperated about the long delays between the time we ask questions and the time we get real answers.

Aunt Sue will be visiting from Saturday to Monday. We're hoping to take in a movie (I'm voting for King of Scotland), and perhaps do something creative under the tutelage of the art teacher here. Visits with Sue have become a regular and special tradition, so we're looking forward to a chance for a longer visit.

To the list of those for whom you're keeping best wishes, please think of Evie Murray, the three-year-old daughter of our friend Joey. Joey is Cindy's brother. Evie has been struggling with respiratory problems for several days, and could use some good fortune right now.


P.S. The system is not working for photo posting right now; I'll share some pics shortly.

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Jamie K said...

Ok - this is the second time that you've referred to your shephard's pie. Any chance there is an actual recipe that you would be willing to share?

I think of both of you often! Thanks for having such an open and honest blog. It reminds me that technology can be useful...

Jamie Kustak