Friday, February 09, 2007

At home and well

Hi everyone:

Patty is back home--and surprisingly energetic--after her day of intravenous drug administration. Of course, Patty once again flew in the face of convention on the side effect front. Typically, those who have adverse reactions to Rituxan show symptoms immediately; Patty, though, seemed totally fine until about three hours into a four-hour course. At that time, she was suddenly in tears from a crushing headache and rigors (shaking). The nurses gave her a shot of Demerol, which quickly made her feel much better. All in all, Patty came through this round with flying colors. Now, if her body could just start behaving in a way conducive to transplant, we'll be walking on clouds.

After leaving the hospital, we met Neil at the train station; he is joining us for the weekend. I find that sitting up all night with Neil at least once every month is cathartic; our conversations either help me put things in perspective or push them far from mind. One moment, our conversations are philosphical; the next, they become over-the-top vulgar (you have no idea.) What's more, Patty always ends up laughing for much of the time Neil is visiting, and that is the very best medicine for both of us.

This evening, we met up with Steve at PJ's speech performance, and were thrilled when PJ was pulled back onstage for special acknowledgment of his directing skills. We were already proud; this just gave us another reason to beam. I continue to be surprised at just how much parenting is a learning process, with all the associated As and Ds (and even some Fs.) In an almost uncanny fashion, kids seem to come through when you're most worried that you're dropping the ball.

We're now back at home, relaxing and solving the world's mysteries with Neil. Life, at least at this moment, seems really good.


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