Monday, February 19, 2007

Sloth, pure and simple

Hi everyone:

Today, the only thing about which our home has been enthusiastic is our sloth. Patty is still feeling fatigued and nauseous, and I seem to be plagued by all manner of aches and pains. The kids have a day off, which has translated into bodies draped over furniture and repeated trips to the fridge for boredom snacks. We're a pretty unenthused bunch.

Yesterday, by contrast, was a special and fairly active day. I asked Kelly out on a "date" for lunch and a movie. I even prepared a hand-made invitation, to which I received a hand-made reply; I'm perhaps ridiculously sentimental, but I found the whole exchange somewhat touching. After burgers at Red Robin and some poor attempts at video game play, we watched a movie together. It really was a nice afternoon. I hope to plan similar outings with the other kids, including Devin and Colin when they're in town.

After I sign off, I'm running Connor and his friend Alec to the theater to watch Ghost Rider; thankfully, I will not be joining them. Patty is watching Law & Order episodes and just generally feeling weak and crappy. I'll get back with you if anything else happens...



Megan said...

hang in there Patty O-C
I hope you feel better in a few.
take it easy.

Anonymous said...

Yeah!Ditto, to what Megan said.Love and Respect.