Tuesday, February 20, 2007

To the doc tomorrow

Hi everyone:

Today was a decent day for our patient. She slept through much of the morning, but was fairly energetic through the rest of the day, aside from some stomach cramping later in the afternoon.

Our hope is that as we get further from the date of the rituximab/cytoxan administration, Patty will continue to improve. Our research suggests that subsequent doses of rituximab do not tend to have as many side effects as the initial dose, so perhaps the next go-round will be better than this one. Of course, our research doesn't suggest the same of Cytoxan, which has always caused Patty to be fairly miserable. Keep your fingers crossed.

Tomorrow, Patty has a routine follow-up appointment with Dr. Costanzo. We don't expect any major light bulbs to illuminate during this visit; if anything transpires, you'll hear about it here. Wow, has this ever been a dry spell in terms of sharing interesting news.


1 comment:

Megan said...

*crosses fingers*

Here's rooting for ya Patty!
I'm glad you had a good day!
I wish you many more...*hugs*