Thursday, February 01, 2007

Return of family fun night

Hi everyone:

In spite of the lack of enthusiasm reflected in this photograph, our family fun night was again a success. Connor, our leader for this round, opted for burgers and fries for dinner, and a game of Cranium for our activity. For the latter, we separated teams along gender lines; the contest was close, but the males ultimately prevailed. We all agreed that the most difficult element in the game was trying to draw with your eyes closed--although my charades to demonstrate magnetism could easily claim an "exercise-in-futility" prize.

Patty's home nurse Mariska drew additional vials of blood today, at the request of the University of Chicago Hospital. Our understanding is that these many recent samples are being used to see if Patty's unusual situation can be tied to some obscure autoimmune condition; I'm a bit skeptical, but I suppose it's worth a shot. A question I want to ask is this: will knowing the answers to these questions give us a better sense of direction for Patty's future care?

Patty has had a pretty good day today. She did sleep for a stretch after lunch today (after two nap-free afternoons Tuesday and Wednesday), but otherwise held up pretty well today. We've both been reading for much of our spare time; Patty has been working through Scott Turow's Reversible Errors, and I just finished Sacrament by Clive Barker. I'll say goodbye to you for now, so that Patty and I can settle into a DVD before calling it a night.


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