Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The beat goes on

Hi everyone:

As reported, yesterday was a rough day for Patty; sadly, today has just brought more of the same. Her nausea is pretty intense, as is her headache and fatigue. Aside from the occasional foray into the kitchen or bathroom, Patty is largely bedridden. We're really unclear about how long she might expect symptoms of this severity, although doctors guessed she might be experiencing some side effects for a couple of weeks. Based on how physically and emotionally fragile Patty seems right now, I'm really hoping the doctors' estimates are on the liberal side.

To compound matters, the severe weather has resulted in a snow day; although to the kids this is wonderful news, to Patty the comings-and-goings of children (ours and others') has provided an added level of chaos. What's more, I wasn't able to run interference as effectively as I would have liked, because I was running an errand with/for Patrick. Fortunately, Patty has been out like a light for much of the past hour, so she's being granted at least a brief respite from her symptoms.

I'll write again when there's something new to share.


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Anonymous said...

fyi - fill her room with flowers; all kinds; as "scentless" as possible, side effects of nausea won't want the smell; but the flowers will bring the hope that spring brings..
plus tomorrow's Valentines'...
Pam Smith