Thursday, February 15, 2007

Five Years

Hi everyone:

Five years ago today, I married the most amazing person I had ever (and have ever) met. We both knew then, and still know now, that we belonged together. Every obstacle we have faced has only made us trust each other more; every hardship has only drawn us closer together.

It's not supposed to work this way, but we act as much like a newly married couple today as we were on the night this photo was taken. (Incidentally, I threw up about three hours after this picture was snapped, and had to be carried to bed, but that's a story in itself.)

Patty and I have had to fall back on a great many people for support during this long period of compromised health. Friends, family, colleagues, churches, schools, artists, businesses and even strangers have come through with wave after wave of kindness and generosity. Please know that we could not have managed this chaos without you, and that we are deeply grateful for everything.

We have wonderful children. Devin is a beautiful dreamer, and a great companion for a walk. PJ is often unsettling in his sharpness and wit. Colin can almost always crack me up, even when I'm inclined not to. Kelly is the daughter I thought I'd never have; that would be reason enough to celebrate, but I think I most admire how natural she is around young kids. Connor is, to me, Little Man, with a huge, hurting heart I wish I could better protect right now. As so-called "blended" families go, I think ours is a pretty solid one.

Patty and I have made mistakes along the way. In retrospect, I see that we were at times naive, selfish, provocative, hurtful and insensitive to others. There are situations that I wish I could rewind and edit, but of course I cannot. I continue to hope that most wounds can ultimately be healed.

I want so much for Patty to make a full recovery from her illness. I need her companionship, her intellect, her logic, and most of all her presence in my life. I have never seen a parent I admire more, although I've witnessed several very good examples. I think she is an amazing teacher. I'm not a big believer in fate or superstition, and my faith is more than a little shaky, but I hope that whatever forces are out there will band together to pull Patty through. I cannot apologize for feeling selfish in this regard -- as The Pogues would say, "I've built my dreams around (her.)"

More than anything, I want to be able to celebrate a 6th, 10th, 2oth, 25th and 50th anniversary with Patty. She is my best friend, and a great wife. I know that at each milestone I will be a better person for having Patty in my life.


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Anonymous said...

Hang Tough! I'll keep praying for you both. You're in my heart. I touch Patty's picture when I pray for her.