Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Nausea, disappointment, impatience, neediness

Hi everyone:

Today was not a very good one for Patty. She has been struggling with nausea throughout the day; for the rest of the time, she has been sleeping. We're not speaking of sleep borne of laziness here; Patty truly cannot keep her eyes open. This exhaustion may squash Patty's hopes to return to work in the near future. Her desire was to go back on at least a part-time basis by this fall.

We're still waiting to hear from doctors about Patty's therapy this week. We doubt it will happen by Friday; then again, they scheduled it on a single day of notice the last time, so you never know. I'm so eager for them to draw blood for the next PRA reading. Patty seems pretty optimistic that this time around the drug regimen will yield a positive outcome; I'm sure not going to dissuade her from expecting a fair shake after so long. From a selfish position, I really need them to get this right, and soon.


P.S. Patty's not the only one ailing in our house -- PJ came home sick from school today, and I have been battling what seems to be a permanently sore stomach. It makes our home seem like an infirmary, don't you think?

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