Saturday, February 03, 2007

Concerns...and kudos

Hi everyone:

This evening, Patty has had sporadic but fairly significant shortness of breath, along with accelerated resting heart rates (roughly 110 beats per minute...much higher than the typical 70s.) Of course, these symptoms are always unsettling, as they provide a reminder that no matter how well Patty seems to be doing, there will always be scares. She continues to be experiencing symptoms as I write this -- they are probably nothing to fret about, but I really want things to go back to "normal".

Kathleen and Cindy have visited this weekend. We've mostly been slugs, although it would be hard to be much more with the temperature outside continuing its brutal streak. Tomorrow, our plan is to join our neighbors Denise and Kevin for the Super Bowl. As was the case last week, the "experts" of the sports world are, for the most part, predicting a romp of the Bears. Idiots.

PJ participated in a speech meet today and captured first prize in both the School and Team categories. This means he (and they) will compete in regional competition in the near future, and could ultimately vie for state. When I heard the news, I had to leave the room briefly because the smoke from the fire was making my eyes water. We are so proud right now.

I must run...I want to keep an eye on the patient...


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