Sunday, May 06, 2007

Another miserable day

Hi everyone:

I promise that tomorrow I'll share photos from Friday night, and bring you up to date on anything else that has transpired (not much). Today, Patty has felt miserable from the moment she awakened until now, and isn't showing any signs of a late rebound. The extent of her activity was a move from our bedroom to the family room sofa; headache and nausea have kept her from doing much more. She really is feeling pretty crappy right now.

PJ, Kelly and I did a thorough detailing job on our truck this afternoon; in the process we removed small pieces of pretzel, french fries, broken pencils, torn-up hunks of cardboard, pine needles, pop cans, an empty Pringles container, used napkins from more than one fast food joint, safety glass (from when our car was broken into), old theater tickets, the last residual ashes from when I last smoked (November 2004) and a thoroughly dehydrated piece of gum of undetermined flavor. That was just the tip of the iceberg. It really was quite a chore, and I was grateful for the help. I would never have started, but I was nearly apoplectic from watching the first half of the Sox game and decided I needed to police myself a little better. We ended up with a clean vehicle and a Sox win, so things seem to have balanced out.

Our patient will be pulling the plug on an unpleasant day any time now. I have a bunch of work to do tomorrow, so I think I'll pull the plug as well. Thanks for staying in touch.


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