Thursday, May 03, 2007

Not a great day

Hi everyone:

Patty has been feeling pretty miserable all day today. She was felled by a headache and nausea through the morning and afternoon, and has been even more fatigued than usual. She isn't taking a good picture today, so I decided to play with one of the photos just a little to give it some added character. I'm not sure my decision bore much fruit. She looks like a thinner, sleeping Burl Ives (the snowman version.) Silver and gold, silver and gold...

We watched the film Little Children last night. It was odd throughout, and unsettling often, but overall held together pretty nicely. Tonight, Patty is battling to stay awake (lest she not sleep later), the kids are enjoying a bonfire outside, and I'm writing on the blog.

Next up for our patient is the next round of chemo, tomorrow morning at 8:15am. Let's hope she feels just a little better before the drugs make her feel worse.


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