Monday, May 28, 2007

Happy Memorial Day

Hi everyone:

Patty is well today. We are planning to visit our friends Jim and Trish for a mid-afternoon meal and perhaps a swim in their pool, which has been heating up all weekend and is currently at around 90 degrees. If I choose to multitask, I may be able to concurrently get in some exercise and also hard-boil a dozen eggs. A few of the clouds overhead seem like they could bring rain; hopefully, we'll dodge the bullet.

Patty is going to postpone her rescheduled Rituxan/Cytoxan infusion until we hear back from her doctors about a longer-term plan. It's possible she may receive it on Friday of next week, if her docs convince her of its value. The numbers come back the same every month, so we're not sold on the idea that this is a successful treatment. Besides, each time she receives the drugs, her insurance takes a huge hit (I think around $20,000); that's a lot of money for medicine that seems to be of questionable value for Patty.

Have a great day, everyone.


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