Saturday, May 19, 2007

Movie night

Hi everyone:

Patty and I originally planned to enjoy a quiet evening at home, but instead opted to take in a movie at Cantera 30. We saw Away From Her, a Canadian film about a marriage forever altered by the wife's descent into Altzheimer's. Although I thought the film felt slightly forced at points, and Patty felt it was a few minutes too long, we both came away feeling it was well worth the few bucks for tickets (and for popcorn, of course.) Some of the dialogue was quite thought-provoking, and sensitive moments were presented without being too maudlin; this was a pleasant departure from the many, many flicks that are either stupid or saccharin.

On the days when there isn't much going on I fill the space with mini-reviews of movies or observations about the Sox (sigh), or I just tell you about one or two things that were part of Patty's day. I realize that this information can't be that compelling, and that it doesn't stick to the overall theme of the blog, but I am glad to be able to talk about our life, including those aspects that are in no way medical, and we derive comfort from knowing you are checking in. Thank you.

We have been kid-free for much of the weekend. PJ's final performance of Damn Yankees! was tonight; we haven't heard details, but we presume it went fine. Kelly is away with her Uncle Joe and cousin Caleigh at a waterpark hotel. And Connor called me late in the Sox game today and asked, "Hey are you holding up?" As distraught as I was about the game, I mostly cheered up after Connor's call.

Patty is in bed; for her, this was an ambitious day. She really seems to be doing pretty well these days, knock on wood. I hope she receives a heart soon, while her body is strong enough to bounce back quickly after the surgery. Enough for tonight...more tomorrow.


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