Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Connor...live in concert

Hi everyone:

Tonight, we attended Connor's choir concert. Choirs from several district schools performed together at the high school. Connor sang six songs, and did very well (or at least he looked like he was doing well...it was hard to discern his voice from the hundreds of others.) His friend Noah is also pictured. Next up will be PJ's musical, Damn Yankees, which opens next Wednesday.

Patty felt very nauseous yesterday, but those symptoms seem to have cleared up. Unfortunately, she has had some real issues with breathlessness today. I'm always fairly alarmed whenever she struggles to catch a breath, because it is so reminiscent of this time last year, when Patty's condition took an abrupt and significant turn for the worse. Hopefully, as the side effects of her chemo wear off, her breathing will return to normal. Of course, because she's feeling better overall, she pushes herself a little too hard, so the breathing problems are all the more evident.

For the rest of the evening, our plan is to watch the film Music & Lyrics, which has about as much appeal for me as watching a replay of this year's Super Bowl. Oh well...


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