Thursday, May 10, 2007

Down memory lane...

Hi everyone:

This morning, Patty culled her dresser of several items that she hadn't worn in some time. As she was sorting, I noticed this T-shirt, which I made for Patty for the day she returned to work after her heart attack. Those days seem a very long time ago. As I smiled again at the message on the shirt, I also reflected on how Patty has kept a good sense of humor throughout what has been a pretty tough stretch. What's the saying -- if you don't laugh, you cry?

Today, Patty feels quite a bit better than yesterday. She is still experiencing compromised breathing (which continues to make me anxious), and her fingers swelled slightly when we went for a walk; otherwise, though, she seems much more like her regular self. My hope is that these symptoms are side effects of medication (and humidity) rather than evidence of heart failure progression. I'll be very happy if we can get through this summer without a hospitalization -- unless, of course, Patty is there for a new heart.

Enjoy the amazing weather. I think I may be using the firepit in the backyard tonight.


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