Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Working girl

Hi everyone:

Life has been relatively uneventful around here over the past couple of days. Patty dropped in at her school yesterday for a meeting with a colleague and, as pictured, is on the computer working on plans for a part-time return to work in the fall. I can tell she's getting excited, and I'm excited for her, but I have noticed that her enthusiasm exascerbates my worry. I don't want Patty taking on too much, too quickly, as is her wont. I'm hoping that Patty's colleagues and students will help slow her down from time to time.

As I have mentioned several times lately, Patty seems pretty healthy right now; most people who see her comment on how great she looks. I think all of her doctors would agree that she's done better than most in living with heart failure and autoimmune disease. We both know that she could have a sudden downturn at any time, but for now we're enjoying the fact that she has kept herself going so strong. She is taking daily walks to improve her stamina, seems to be breathing fairly well even in the heat and humidity, and just seems to be more a part of every day around here. Let's keep this positive streak going so that when the heart finally does come, Patty will be quick and strong in recovery.


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