Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

Hi everyone:
First, to all mothers out there, Happy Mother's Day! PJ, Kelly and Connor called earlier this morning, and plan to be home for some sort of to-be-determined Mother's Day dinner.
I'm sorry I haven't written before now, but we've been enjoying a couple of action-packed days. On Friday night, Patty and I went out for a bite to eat and for the comedy show at Walter Payton's Roundhouse in Aurora. Although the food was not as hot as we would have liked, and the comedians not quite as funny, we stayed in high spirits just because it was a rare "date night." In this photo, I believe I captured Patty mid-chew. Our waitress at the comedy club was a former student of Patty's; we seem to run into students and former students just about everywhere.
Yesterday, we traveled into Oak Park for our nephew Declan's first communion party where, even though I'm trying to lose weight, I ate like a starved person. Thank you, Kevin and Sharon. We had a nice time in the nice weather and caught up with some of Patty's siblings and their kids.
After the party, Patty returned to Oswego for some major down-time, while Neil and I headed to Comiskey, where he treated me to the Sox game. What seemed like an embarrassing loss-in-the-making instead turned into an exciting extra-innings win; based on the reaction of the crowd, including us, you would think we had won a playoff tilt. After the game, Neil and I attended the Tragically Hip concert at House of Blues (thank you, Jenn.) Originally, Patty had planned to go, but she can only do so much in a day or weekend before she runs out of steam; a concert would have been too much for her. I returned home at 2am; Patty was sleeping so soundly that it wasn't until she awakened this morning that she was aware I was home.
I'll write again later if anything of import happens.

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