Monday, May 21, 2007

Bad news, slow in coming

Hi everyone:

We received the long-overdue PRA results today (these of the misplaced sample.) Unfortunately, there has been no change in Patty's numbers, which suggests that the Rituxan and Cytoxan therapies have been ineffective, at least in a statistical sense. Patty has asked her doctors to consider other options, or to at least think about discontinuing this course of action. She may ultimately follow their wishes, but both Patty and I believe we should challenge the status quo from time to time. After all, Patty is the customer.

Of course, the doctors will want Patty to persevere, because we think they see the perfect match that Patty almost received to be some sort of portent of good things to come, and an indication that they are making progress in knocking back the antibodies. I hope they're right. At those times in which our sky seems to be falling, I worry that the "perfect" heart was a once-in-a-thousand chance that may be long in returning. There is another part of me, though, that knows that this story simply must have a happy ending -- and that the rest of this is just part of the drama.

Patty is having a pretty good day today. She's been a machine, tackling laundry and some other cleaning tasks that I of course would never have realized were in need of attention. We are going for a walk in just a moment, and Kathleen is stopping by, so I'll sign off. More soon...


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