Saturday, August 26, 2006

Anyone for Canadian whine?

Hi everyone:

Perhaps we’re flogging a dead horse, and perhaps we’re feeling unduly sorry for ourselves, but Patty and I are still feeling raw that anyone would caution us about the content of this blog. The whole issue has been our prime subject of conversation since yesterday afternoon.

In a way, it feels like an emotional rift has been introduced between us and the people we most need to trust right now. We understand that the litigious nature of our society has the medical community forever looking over its shoulder, but we also feel a bit slighted that these worries would be directed toward us. I went back through the blog last night, and our earlier entries seem like an advertisement for the medical community. Are we missing something here?

The bigger problem is that we are now wondering if we’ve offended others by being so free to share our stories in a public place. So, if you’ve seen your name or picture here, and would rather it not be posted, please let us know. Our hope is that most people understand that we are just celebrating each and every day, good or bad, and want to be as candid as possible. Okay, enough on this.

Patty and I went out to visit with friends for a couple of hours last night, and then came home to have some quiet time together. My favorite evenings are the ones where we just talk and talk; we’ve had a few of these recently because Patty has been feeling better than usual. Over the years, I think we've come up with solutions to pretty much all the world's problems.

Today, Patty’s feeling a bit nauseous and her stomach is somewhat unsettled, but she anticipates she’ll have a decent day. Put it on the board -- three days in a row. We’re starting to think that perhaps she’s over a hump in terms of the day-to-day nausea.

I’m going to do some work on a client project this afternoon, and Patty plans to just take it easy. If she’s up for it, we’re hoping to join Kathleen and Don at the Roundhouse in Aurora tonight to celebrate Don’s 50th birthday. If more happens over the course of the day, we’ll be sure to be in touch.

Sorry for the whining.



Diane in Milw said...

"Whine" away, my friend. You have been quite uncomplaining through all this so far -- you and Patty both -- although I'm sure you both have your private breakdown moments.

I hesitate to say anything about the medical community/blog issue (and yet, I keep typing) because I don't, I swear, mean to escalate anything -- BUT -- oh, for heaven's sake. Patty's heart and your lives are infinitely more important than someone else's ass.
Hmmm. That was not the most elegant sentence I've ever put together; I hope you understand ...

Kevin said...

Patty and Brian--
My two cents and not worth much more than that--say whatever the hell you want to say about whomever or whatever you want. I don't necessarily agree with everything written, but you're not here to run a Kumbaya laden love fest for me or anyone else. You're trying to share your thoughts and views as this awful thing unfolds.

For Christ's sake, we're in the USA, not some God-forsaken country like, for instance, Canada.