Tuesday, August 22, 2006

No nausea so far...knock on wood

Hi everyone:

It always seems like I speak too soon about Patty having a good day, and then things deteriorate shortly thereafter. So, with some reservation, I'm announcing that Patty is feeling pretty strong today -- knock on wood. She does not feel nauseous, which is almost unheard of these days, and the mild headache with which she started the day was tackled with painkillers. Patty discussed her nausea and medications with Edward Hospital today, and is hoping they'll give her some new solutions that don't involve hospitalization.

We have placed a call to the University of Chicago Hospital to see if they have the results from Patty's latest panel reactive antibodies (PRA) test. As soon as we know, we'll share the numbers. Please keep your fingers crossed that this number will be greatly reduced. Patty is feeling pretty emotional of late, so I keep hoping that some of these closed doors will start opening for her. Besides, aren't these postings getting a little dull? It's all puke, puke, sleep, go out for two hours, puke, puke, sleep.

More soon...


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Dolly said...

Some days don't you wish you had a body double?
A HUG means were listing.

I'm sending a big one!