Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Still struggling

Hi everyone:

Patty really didn't improve much over the course of the day -- more vomiting, more shakiness and more headache. She says that this is the most nauseous she has felt since her heart problems began.

At points today, Patty was pretty discouraged and fed up. If her situation hasn't improved by tomorrow, I'll be placing a call to UCH for guidance.

She doesn't much appreciate me sharing this photograph; to be honest, it's much better than most I've taken today. For the most part, it seems like pictures do tell a thousand words in terms of assessing Patty's condition.

Keep your fingers crossed for a good night's sleep and a better tomorrow.


P.S. Gotta run -- the patient is sending me to Dairy Queen on a Blizzard errand. Can I get you anything?

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