Thursday, August 03, 2006

A better evening, and an okay Thursday

Hi everyone:

Last evening, Patty was feeling relatively well after several days of feeling very poorly. To be honest, the last few days had both of us feeling pretty worried. When Patty feels better, even for a while, it seems like an exciting event. Although some might argue that she should take it easy at these times, it's hard to stay sedentary when you've had no other option for days.

I needed to drop off some flyers at Kicker's for "Patty's Day" (details below), so Patty came along for the ride. Kathleen met up with us to help with some brainstorming about the event, and some of our neighbors joined us as well.

Patty looked healthy and absolutely radiant, and was a wonderful companion. We had a bunch of laughs that helped chase away some of the many serious thoughts from recent days. We danced to My Immortal, one of our favorite songs, even though Kicker's is not a dance club per se. It wasn't a late night, but it was certainly a fun one.

So, you may ask, how is our little patient this morning? She's a bit shaky, more than a bit nauseous and has a headache, but is otherwise doing pretty well. And the heat has broken, at least for now, so our home is much more comfortable. Kelly was actually complaining that the house was too cold.

More later...


Patty and Sandy (she's a sweetheart who always seems happy)

Patty and Kathleen

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