Thursday, August 10, 2006

Fun Wednesday (& Thursday)?

Hi everyone:

I don't want those who visit daily to worry, so I'm dropping this quick note to mention that Patty and the kids are doing fine, all things considered.

We're at the Holiday Inn Elmhurst where we were given complimentary accommodations and waterpark passes (of which we've taken full advantage.) Colin, Kelly and Connor have spent almost every possible moment in the water. PJ has split his time between play and relaxation. And Patty has just been taking it slow and easy -- although I know she wishes she could do the slides with us.

Patty has been tired and has had some of her typical symptoms (shortness of breath, etc.), but she has also been very happy to see the kids having fun. She beat me handily at a game of video bowling last night. As a write, she slumbers.

I'll write later with more details and photographs.


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