Sunday, August 06, 2006

A marathon of celebration

Hi everyone:

Patty is snoozing this morning after what turned out to be a very long but also very fun birthday celebration. Our friends at Kickers put a lot of thought and effort into making "Patty's Day" a memorable occasion.

The birthday girl was full of energy from 3pm through to past midnight -- and all of this was after she returned from a morning medical appointment. I think I wrapped my day up at around 3:30am, after Cindy and I went for a long walk through the local cemetery.

My parents and Dave arrived shortly after noon. I hadn't seen my brother in two years, so it was great to catch up with him.

This morning, as you might expect, Patty is feeling pretty tired and nauseous; we can expect that she'll spend much of the day in bed. I'll try to provide another update soon. Below are a few pictures from yesterday.


Patty and her cake

A smooch for Mom


Dave, Brian, Bob, Bev and Patty


Dolly said...

The trouble with birthdays is,
the next day you not only get up feeling lousy but your a year older.

Diane said...

Looks like it was fun -- and Patty, you looked great and frankly, I don't how you keep pulling that off. Tomorrow is my Mom's birthday (Sue, for you other bloggers), her 71st and she's off in the Ozarks of Missouri with our 10 year old. I'd bet your party was better.