Tuesday, August 08, 2006

A busy day

Hi everyone:

Sorry for not getting around to posting yesterday; we had a pretty active day. We rose early and saw my parents and brother off; they hit the road shortly after 8am. We were happy to have them visit, and sad to see them leave.

Patty, Kelly and I then drove Neil back to Oak Park, attended the funeral of our friend Cindy's father Dan, and then joined Cindy's family for lunch at The Italian Village in Chicago. Patty felt well much of the time, aside from one sudden and (fortunately) passing wave of intense nausea during the funeral mass.

When we arrived home in the afternoon, I tended to some business matters and Patty tended to some domestic challenges. Later in the afternoon, I took the kids to a local waterpark for a couple of hours so that Patty could get some rest; instead, she did more housework. That's Patty in a nutshell.

In the evening, Patty and I watched a DVD with PJ and Colin, Kelly watched a film with her friend Allison, and Connor watched one with his friend Adam.

On Wednesday, the Holiday Inn Elmhurst is hosting our family for a night and day of fun in their Mayan Adventure waterpark/hotel. I had written to Mike Cohen, who manages the hotel, to ask about letting the kids visit the park as a diversion from a tough summer. Mike made all the arrangements, free of charge, including giving us a room so that Patty could come along and have a place to relax (and I can have a place to do some work without risking damage to my notebook.)

Next week, Colin returns to Canada and Patty gets her next round of IVIG. Hopefully, her antibodies will have dropped this time around, and that elusive heart will come through.

We're not sure what today holds as yet. As I write this, Patty and most of the kids are still sleeping. I've been working on some marketing, and should get back to it. Stay tuned...


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Anonymous said...

Patty and Brian,

It was nice to see you on your birthday. You looked wonderful and happy. How nice of Brian's family to join you in the celebration!!!! Didn't want to intrude on your family time. You can see us anytime!

I had hurt the bottom of my foot a couple of days before -- don't ask-- it was a stupid move out on the front lawn--completely sober I might add which just adds to the stupidity of it. So anyways I wasn't real mobile that night. While I could still walk on it, it just wasn't real comfortable. So I was afraid to give up a guaranteed seat!

Well enough of my petty problems. It was great (as always) to see you both. I hope you have a fabulous time at the Holiday Inn and hopefully will see you before your next IVIG next week. If not hope all goes well for you. Your never far from our thoughts...

Shari & Ron Kaad