Friday, August 04, 2006

Late night horror show

Hi everyone:

Isn't it great when a title like the one above doesn't mean there's some nasty new problem that Patty is facing? No, this time it really is about a late night horror show.

Patty and I love good scary movies -- unfortunately, good scary movies are a rarity these days. When we heard about a British horror flick -- The Descent -- that was getting rave reviews, our interest was piqued. My interest was sufficiently piqued that I wanted to see the movie one minute after it was released. So, last night, we went to the midnight show at the Cantera 30.

Was the movie as good as we had hoped? Not quite; these things always have plot holes and some questionable dialogue. Was it pretty good? Yes, I think it was; Patty thought it was okay, too. Did I do a dance in my seat at least once because of something I saw on the screen? You betcha. It wasn't until we arrived at the cinema that I wondered aloud how wise it was to take a cardiac patient to a movie that is considered terrifying. She made it through just fine.

Of course, because of the late night, Patty is pretty tired today. I ran errands with Colin late in the morning, and late in the afternoon worked with the kids to finally get our flowerbeds in shape. As I write this, Patty is out like a light. She spoke with Cathy Murks at UCH earlier today, and was told that if her symptoms have not corrected themselves by early next week, she should call the hospital for further instructions.

Neil is visiting tomorrow, and should arrive around the same time as my parents and brother. Tomorrow promises to be a busy, but fun, day.


P.S. As Patty napped this afternoon, she dreamed that we were trimming bushes (we weren't), and that she could have as many prime rib bones as she wanted (she really can't).

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