Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Hump day

Hi everyone:

There must have been some sort of magic in the DQ Blizzard that Patty ate last night (in the bathtub, no less.) Even though she never truly felt "normal", she certainly improved as the evening progressed--enough that we were able to watch our weekly dose of Rescue Me and finish watching Godfather II.

Tomorrow is forecasted to offer some relief from the stifling heat and humidity -- is calling for a high on Thursday of 75 degrees. Even with our central air running full force and 24/7, our home seems to retain some warm pockets. The break should translate into more comfort for Patty and more opportunity to keep the kids active outside.

Yesterday, PJ took Colin to visit some friends, and Kelly and Connor spent much of the afternoon in the Rittmanics' pool. Whenever the kids were in the house, there seemed to be a more-or-less constant stream of children into the bedroom to check on Mom -- it was both touching and a little heartbreaking.

As you can see, Patty has been sleeping much of the morning. I'll get back to you soon about how she's doing today; early signs suggest she's feeling at least a bit better than yesterday.


P.S. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the Sox will play especially well this weekend. My Dad is a Blue Jays fan, and we play three against the Jays starting Friday. Go Sox!

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