Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Mostly a non-day

Hi everyone:

Patty remained in the hospital today, and not much happened. MaryBeth, Jeff, Joe and Kathleen visited, as did the three kids who live with us. At one point, the plan was to implant the catheter under Patty's clavicle on the right side. However, once doctors realized that Patty had a PICC line on that side and an ICD on the other, they determined that they would need to do a more permanent line that requires attention in the operating room. This procedure will most likely take place tomorrow, which means plasmapheresis would likely not begin until Friday, at the earliest. We're a bit disappointed about this, because it means we'll probably be spending yet another long weekend in the hospital.

Initial results from the culture studies came back negative; I'm not sure exactly what this means, since the results are just "initial", so as soon as I have a more complete answer, I'll be sure to share it.

After I send the kids off to school tomorrow (Kelly with purple hair -- temporary), I'll be joining Patty again. I hope to have more to share tomorrow or Friday.


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