Saturday, October 28, 2006

...and bad times

Hi everyone:

At the end of my previous post, I talked about how the evening with my son demonstrated to me how kind-hearted people can be. Unfortunately, some events last night also showed us that there are people out there whose hearts aren't as full of kindness toward others.

While I was at the concert, Patty visited with her brother Peter and his family. At one point, Patty recalled that I had forgotten to take our Ipod out of our car. When she went down to retrieve it, she discovered that our front passenger window had been smashed, and our Ipod stolen.

My understanding is that Patty was pretty much a wreck; by extension, Connor also became pretty upset at seeing his mother so distressed. Peter and Rachel worked at cheering her up, and then Peter sealed up the window. On Monday, the window will be replaced; until then, we won't have a lot of transportation options, and we'll hope for no rain. C'est la vie.

Why, do you suppose, a family can go forever without any Twilight Zone moments, and then have several in short order when least emotionally prepared for them? A few weeks ago, you may recall, our trampoline became a giant frisbee. This is the latest. Since, as the story goes, these things come in threes, I hate to even imagine what could come next.


P.S. Every time I think about the window and the Ipod, I feel some level of distress; every time I see Peter's tape job, though, I crack up.

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Rachel said...

What a shame!! People are so mean! You sure didn't need this extra stress in your lives.

Gotta admit though, the tape job is funny!!