Sunday, October 29, 2006


Hi everyone:

After a string of days that started with vomiting, Patty has now enjoyed a streak of three days without throwing up. In fact, Patty actually felt pretty well (at least in relative terms) when she arose this morning. Of course, she didn't feel well enough to prepare her own cup of coffee...but I digress.

On most mornings, Patty tries to move as little as possible for the first couple of hours; by comparison, she was quite animated today. Please understand that, at best, Patty's energy levels are still usually less than the average person's; however, we've learned to recognize even a bit of energy as reason to celebrate.

Late this morning, we went for a walk with Connor and his friend Alec, after which Patty settled in for a long nap that has extended for more than two hours; she continues to snooze as I write this. If the worst of her symptoms for a day is a bit of fatigue, I think we would happily sign up for that plan. Unfortunately, Patty seems to be struggling as much lately with the emotional side of this reality. Late last night, we had a lengthy conversation in which Patty expressed many anxieties about her--and our--future. I asked her to worry about herself and not to fret so much about me and the kids, but I'm not sure she's embracing that thinking.

PJ is going to a play in Lincolnshire this evening with his girlfriend Kelsey and her mom; this is, of course, the only thing he has done today that didn't involve a computer, a television or a phone. Kelly will be returning from a weekend that saw her visit both Peter's and MaryBeth's homes. Connor had a sleepover last night and has been splitting his afternoon between play with friends and watching the football game. Speaking of football, how about those Bears today? The first half was of course much more exciting than the second, but the final outcome was certainly pretty satisfying. I spoke with Devin and Colin this morning; they went to the symphony in Toronto yesterday. I miss them so much, and hope we'll be able to bring them down soon; at the worst, I hope we will see them at Christmas.

Peter, Rachel, Ben & Sam will be here shortly to return our daughter and perhaps join us for a bite of dinner. After that, I suspect that Patty and I will settle into a quiet evening before what promises to be a somewhat hectic week.


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