Saturday, October 14, 2006

Little relief, and the wisdom of mothers

Hi everyone:

I think this photograph pretty accurately depicts how Patty is feeling today. Every time I've looked over at her to check on her condition (which I seem to do more and more these days), she's had this same deep furrow in her brow. I know that these seemingly endless days of nausea are bringing Patty down emotionally, and I wish there was some way to provide her with relief. On a tip from PJ, who in turn received a tip from a friend, we are going to try "cola syrup" to see if it helps settle her stomach. When pills that cost $45 each don't keep nausea at bay, one becomes a skeptic, but we may as well keep open minds.

Before I started writing this entry, I chatted on the phone with my Mom, who noted that I had not posted a blog entry yesterday. She mentioned that when there isn't a posting, she and my Dad worry about what may have happened. It then dawned on me that there may be others of you who feel anxious if nothing appears--so I'm going to try to make sure I post something everyday, even if it's only to offer that nothing is happening. Hey, Mom -- do you feel like visiting with some date squares, Wisers Deluxe and tomatoes? There's no snow here anymore, so the roads are clear.

Both yesterday morning and this morning, Patty felt pretty rough, although she was spared her regular rounds of vomiting (but just barely.) By later in the day yesterday, Patty had improved somewhat, and even accompanied me to Kickers for a few hours. I think sometimes she chooses to participate in activities even while sick, just so she can still feel like part of the human race.

At the club, we visited with our neighbors/heroes Kevin and Denise, and with Kathleen and Don. The ALCS game between the Tigers and As was on the TVs; it still depresses me not to see the Sox going for a repeat. We came home around 10:30, and were in bed by midnight.

Today, I cooked a ridiculously rich and almost-certain-to-be-harmful variation on carbinara sauce. I'm pretty sure I'm now hearing it rub against the walls of my arteries. Patty has been sofa-bound for most of the day so far. Later this afternoon, I may wander back over to the club for a couple of hours for their Oktoberfest bash; I suspect Patty will just catch up on some sleep. With any luck, I'll win some big cash in the cow drop challenge.

That's the latest -- more later if there's more to report.


Feeling a little better last night

It's almost scary how much I look like Brad Pitt

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Anonymous said...

Listen to your mutha, Brian! I, too, have become quite worried when you miss a day's entry ... I recognize that your daily blog is a labor of love, and that it is difficult to distill your sentiments and Patty's experiences into cogent paragraphs that can bear the scrutiny of loved ones and strangers alike. That said, I am grateful that you are able to do so with regularity as it affords me (and everyone else, I am sure) the opportunity to psychically keep company with Patty on her difficult journey. She is always on my mind these days and it is a balm to the spirit to see her, on occasion, beaming out - resplendently - from the pages of your blog. She is so loved! My best to all and I share your hope for brighter days ... soon!

Brigid Kane