Monday, October 23, 2006

A none-too-pleasant Monday

Hi everyone:

After a hiatus of nearly a week, Patty's vomiting returned this morning -- and with a vengeance. Hopefully, such experiences will be the exception over the next little while, and not the rule. However, after a pretty rough morning, Patty seems to be having some success in stomaching an english muffin and a Ho-Ho. Keep your fingers crossed...

Patty has a routine appointment with Dr. Costanzo this afternoon, before the doctor heads out of town for several weeks. Although we're not anticipating that much of consequence will transpire during this visit, Patty still feels uneasy; there's always something going on with her, healthwise, and one never knows when a doctor visit could become a hospital stay.

For example, Patty recently caught her PICC line on the inside of her shirt; since then, her milrinone pump seems to be beeping more often, which suggests a possible problem with the IV flow. Naturally, this situation tends to present itself at 2am, when one least wants to deal with such an issue. If the PICC line isn't functioning properly, Patty will most likely need to have it fixed, which would involve a hospital visit.

We continue to feel impatient that we've received no more answers right now, and that we're stuck in a waiting game. A sensible person would perhaps think that no news is good news, and that we may not have received answers because there are no answers as yet. At times, though, there's also this feeling that things are too much outside our control, and that the clock is always ticking.

That's all we have for now; if anything arises from the appointment, I'll be sure to write again.


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Rachel said...

I do hope there is no bad news from the doctor's visit.