Friday, October 27, 2006

A very busy Friday

Hi everyone:

Patty started the morning feeling nauseous, but was able to avoid throwing up. The close calls are so close, though, that I can usually sense a near-miss. Basically, when a quiet belch sounds like a deep gurgle, you know things are tenuous. Okay, enough with the graphic bodily function commentary. We're fortunate that Patty isn't ailing as much today, because we've made some pretty ambitious plans.

Early this afternoon, Patty and I are going to speak to Connor's class about Patty's experience. This is essentially a repeat of our presentation to Kelly's class, but with a younger audience. As much as Connor wants us to do this, he is apprehensive that other kids in his class will ask him questions he'll feel uncomfortable answering. Our hope is that most of these questions will come out during the session -- if Kelly's class represents the norm, though, we'll be looking for the exception here, because we didn't field a single question last time.

Later this afternoon, our family (less Devin and Colin) plus Kelsey are heading downtown for the evening. Patty, Kelly and Connor plan to visit with Peter, Rachel and their kids, while I will join PJ and Kelsey at the Flogging Molly concert at the Riviera Theatre. I was able to arrange for PJ and Kelsey to meet the band, so I'm hoping that all works out according to plan. I'm presuming PJ is excited, although teenagers seem to make it their mission to always seem milquetoast about everything around their parents--unless, of course, a parent says "no", in which case the child becomes effusive in sharing his/her thoughts. Does this sound familiar to everyone? Oh, the joys of parenthood.

After the show, we'll be heading back here for the night, and will anticipate a slower-paced Saturday.

Time to run...


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Angela B said...

Hello, Mrs.OC, it's Angela B. I just stopped by to see how you are doing and to tell you that I am thinking about you. I heard that you had stopped at East to visit and I am sad that I missed you!! I am sad that I do not have an art class every quarter like I had last year, but I'll get by, lol!! Just thought I'd stop by and say that I miss you and my art class won't be the same without you. angela b