Thursday, October 19, 2006

I believe I ordered the large cup...HELLO!!!

Hi everyone:

Our patient is having a pretty rough morning, with a powerful headache and equally powerful nausea; the only blessing thus far is that Patty has been able to keep her stomach down.

Here you can see her enjoying the small cup of coffee I prepare for her each morning.

Kathleen and our neighbor Jim visited last night; all in all, though, we had a pretty low-key evening.

Today, I plan to finish a client project, and then prepare with Patty for a discussion we will be leading with Kelly's class tomorrow. This evening, we'll be making our second visit to a family therapist. Tomorrow, we plan to stay at a bed and breakfast in Naperville -- a treat from our neighbors Jim and Trish.

Sorry for the boring blog entry today; it can't all be like an episode of ER.

Take good care.


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Anonymous said...

patty and brian

i hope you have a good time with
jim and trish. i hope patty is having a good day.