Monday, October 09, 2006

Columbus Day musings

Hi everyone:

There's not much going on around here today. Patty started the day feeling nauseous again, but seems to be doing okay now. She awakened three times during the night with unusual heart rhythms, which was a bit unsettling, since we're not really sure what this means. Something similar happened Saturday night. Patty thinks that sleeping on her side seems to exacerbate things; again, we don't know what that might suggest. We'll bring this up with doctors this coming week.

We're taking Neil to the train this afternoon, and will be getting the kids back at some point. Hopefully, by tomorrow, we'll start getting some new ideas and answers about next steps for Patty. We're still struggling with sad moments, but have also had a great time with Neil and others this weekend. And, man oh man do the Bears look great this season so far. More later if there's more to report...



Valerie said...

Hey Brain && family.I am very sorry about all the trouble and i am really hoping Aunt patty will get better.I hope this message will not upset you,if it does,you may remove it.I love you guys so much,


Anonymous said...

I think we all appreciate news of any sort, and are here with you in spirit each step of the way. I emailed Patty earlier with some private serious thoughts, but on the lighter side, may I just say, the recent picture of her sleeping with something resembling slippers by her head looks like a very tired Mickey Mouse. Sometimes, I read the posts and then I see a picture and in spite of it all, have to smile. I think Brian that we are all glad that you are easily amused. Debbie Burgess