Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Plasmapheresis, etc.

Hi everyone:

Some time ago, Patty and I posted our "predictions" about when she would receive her transplant. I revisited that blog entry this morning, and discovered that I had chosen this coming Saturday, October 7 as the big day, while Patty predicted Halloween. We have not yet heard back from the hospital about PRA results, so we really have no good idea as to how plausible our predictions are. If the Cytoxan, IVIG and plasmapheresis have done their job, Patty's PRA could be low enough that a crossmatch could soon fall in her favor. If they haven't, we have to preserve the hope that subsequent rounds will do the trick -- and that her heart will keep fighting in the interim.

Patty underwent more plasmapheresis yesterday, which went just fine. She has been having some unsettling heart rhythms lately; when I felt her pulse at one point yesterday, it seemed like every twelfth heart beat was jammed up against the next. She has also been experiencing fairly powerful headaches, in spite of her pain medication, and sudden fatigue. I'm feeling frightened, frustrated and helpless, and I'm angry at myself for indulging some self-pity of late, so I'm going to sign off for now and write again later -- hopefully with some good news, some nice photos and a sunnier disposition. Thank you to everyone who is fighting at Patty's side through this. It means so much to her and to our family.



Anonymous said...

Sue Osetek says "Keep your hope alive even when things are toughest. Patty is incredibly brave and Brian has been unbelievably strong throughout this awful ordeal. I read the blogs faithfully but only comment occasionally. Know that I think of you many times throughout every day and I pray that all will be well soon. Give my love to PJ, Kelly and Connor, and an extra kiss from me.

Denise said...

If someone had told you five years ago that all of this termoil was going to take over your lives, what would you have said???

Patty, I know that in the past you had said to me "how did your Mom do it? Where did she find the strength?", "I can't see me being that strong, I can't do it". I know that you have proven yourself otherwise at this point!!

Brian, I truly think that people who question themselves, and their actions, are mostly doing so in search of the best possible solution to a situation. So, I guess you would be guilty of caring and loving your family so much, that you are relentlessly searching for the best solution to this very unfortunate situation that has been thrown into your lives. Shame on you, they should lock you up and throw away the key......

You both and the kids have been in the "front lines" of this battle. And yes, you have several friends and family right behind you....

We are always thinking of you!!