Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Goodnight, Mrs. Calabash...

Hi everyone:

So, what do all of you think of the rat nose on my lovely wife? Simmer down, I'm fond of the darn thing. In fact, it was one of the first things I appreciated about Patty -- that, and her natural red hair (wink, wink, wink, wink, wink.) I can make jokes like this because I have an enormous chin; in fact, when I did Maskbuilding 101 with Patty a week or so ago, it took me as long to finish the jaw section of my mask as it did to complete the rest of my face. Here endeth the deprecating section of this day's blog entry.

Good news, I suppose: Patty made it through the entire morning without throwing up, although it was a crap shoot for a while. As I write this, Patty is on her way to a dentist appointment. The new bridge her dentist installed a month ago decided to pop out last evening. Needless to say, given the amount of medical attention our patient has needed, someone wasn't too thrilled.

On Thursday, our family (sans Devin and Colin) will be making the first of what could be several visits to a therapist. It should make for an interesting experience, given the different personalities in our clan. I have to admit I was a bit resistant at first. We attempted counselling for the kids after Patty had her heart attack, and I think all of us were pretty uninspired by the counsellor's approach. Patty was the driver behind it this time and, in spite of my reservations, I think she was right to arrange this -- I can feel the chinks widening in whatever armor we've been maintaining. For example -- why does it feel at times like grief (or, at least, what I think grief must feel like) when you haven't even experienced a loss? It feels overwhelming and embarrassing at the same time.

Anway, let's stay away from the depressing nonsense. Did you happen to notice in the photo, under that legendary proboscis, that Patty is smiling today?


Turnabout is fair play

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