Tuesday, October 31, 2006

From Brian's parents

Hi everyone:

My parents are not savvy with all things Web, although they are still better than many others of their generation (and ours). They wanted to post a comment in response to Patty's entry of a couple of days ago, but weren't sure how. With my parents' permission, I'm sharing a message they emailed to us this morning:

Hi Folks:

Thought that I'd drop a couple of lines this way as I don't understand bloggers and how to answer them or send comments. As I said before you are a very brave family and no one can appreciate all that you are going through. The 'world' tries to understand but, as I pointed out to Brian, your problems are very personal and the rest of us can only express concern and sympathy--and criticism!

At the end of each day the world shrinks to the walls about you and I think that your little community is tops in holding together when all about you there seems to be chaos. We are most proud of you all and think that you should present yourselves anyway you see fit. Brian has grown a lot over the past year and he appreciates the need to remain strong to everybody--especially Patty and the kids--and no one can take away that personal pride he should have in the face of adversity.

You are a family with problems that seem astronomical and insurmountable (at times)--but keep the faith and do things your way--and to hell with criticism that might burden you further. You'll get there! All of us have faced adversity--while yours is more trying than most--but remember you have people who love you all and who continue to hope and pray to God for a just answer to all our prayers.

People only see the visible side of things and question why you are doing some things that appear incongruent with their ideas of what is right and wrong. Just remember that what you are doing is 'right' for you.

All our love, prayers and thoughts,

Mom and Dad.

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Ron and Shari Kaad said...

Patty & Brian,

Read the letter and was very touched with their support and admiration for your family. I totally agree with their viewpoint about other people's perceptions regarding your situation. Excuse me, but no one understands exactly what your family is going through. Unfortunately, the most ignorant are the ones' with the most judgemental opinions.

I find Brian's actions the most unselfish and most giving. While we mostly concentrate on Patty's circumstances (which I am not saying we shouldn't -she's the patient!), the pressure and stress of Brian is not one to be ignored.

It is amazing to me, the devotion and love he demonstrates daily to Patty and his family. He should be commended instead of critized!

I say, ignore the ignorant and keep concentrating on what's important. You're doing what you have to do to keep your family going through this hell! Those who know and love you, support you and those are the opinions that matter.
Ron & Shari