Monday, October 23, 2006

An oh-so-minor update

Hi everyone:

I promised I would write if there was any news. I'm not sure this really counts, but we confirmed this afternoon that Patty does need to have her PICC line (for administration of milrinone) replaced. Most likely, this will happen tomorrow sometime. Other than that, we're pretty much in status quo right now. Patty is experiencing sporadic headaches this evening, but seems to have pretty much conquered her nausea for the day; I'm sure this "old friend" will come back tomorrow for it.

I feel like I'm wasting everyone's time with postings that demonstrate no progress. Believe us, we've reached the point at which it would be nice to offer something exciting -- like a transplant, perhaps?


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Anonymous said...

Brian and Patty,
You're not wasting my time with your postings. I read everything and feel close to you while I do. As I read your comments about not being in control, a little saying popped into my head, "Let go and let God." If you could do that, it might help.
Anyway, know that you are loved.
Sue Osetek