Tuesday, November 21, 2006

...and a pretty low-key Tuesday

Hi everyone:

Well, I don't have any edge-of-your-seat excitement to offer today, either. Patty seemed unusually tired until mid-afternoon, but has seemed pretty energetic since then. The two of us visited a therapist early this evening--our first such session without the kids since the heart attack. For the most part, Patty is feeling less nauseous than she did on Cytoxan, although the symptoms are not entirely gone. Beyond that, we've been having a lot of heart-to-heart discussions about what the future may hold, and looking forward to the festivities later this week. If anything else happens, I'll be back in touch.



Anonymous said...

hi patty an brian
hope you have a good day.
we love you.

the callahans

Anonymous said...

Patty, Brian, and Family -

Wishing you the best for the Thanksgiving Holiday. Patty - while I echo Trish's sentiments - may you receive your "perfect heart" - there are many of us that know you already have one (figuratively speaking that is).
With love from Behind the Cheddar Curtain -