Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Another uneventful day

Hi everyone:

As you can see, Patty is snoozing next to the fire this afternoon. In the hours prior, she took care of some work-related issues and a few light domestic matters while I worked on Visual Congruence business. Tonight, we have no special plans.

All in all, Patty felt pretty well today, after a bit of nausea in the morning and an overall sense of being chilly throughout the day. I've been enjoying these days without Cytoxan; while it lasts, it is seeming like the old Patty is back.

Devin and Colin made it home safely last night. Now I'm working on plans for their December visit. I can't wait.

That's it for now. We'll try to spice things up in the future, okay?


1 comment:

Cari said...

Patty looks so cozy by the fire, Sending warm thoughts!!!