Thursday, November 02, 2006

Low-key Thursday

Hi everyone:

Not much to report today. Patty has felt weak for much of the day, but her nausea seemed mostly manageable. I am starting to worry about what seems to be an increasing intensity of fatigue for Patty; having said this, she outlasted me last night, and watched a movie with Kathleen while I snored on the sofa.

In addition, Patty has had some episodes over the past few days in which her heart feels like it is beating erratically. Of course, we'll keep an eye on these things and discuss them with her doctors. Tomorrow, Patty will undergo a second round of plasmapheresis, and will start an infusion of IVIG later in the day. She also has a 1pm appointment with her cardiologist. I'll write again if and when there's anything to report.


1 comment:

Rachel said...

Still praying for Patty and all of you. I don't always comment but I read daily since finding your blog.

I loved what your parents said also. Seems to me you are doing well and are a very supportive husband and father.

I hope Patty does better Friday with the plasmapheresis.