Thursday, November 23, 2006

The patient speaks

Hi -- it's Patty. I wanted to pop in and tell you about our day -- this is non-fiction -- really:

We woke up this morning at our own pace, with no alarms. Without any real stress, we prepared for our day, including pulling together salads for Thanksgiving and getting a family ready for an outing. When we left for the airport to pick up Devin and Colin, amid perfect weather, we didn't forget anything and we got away on time. There was no traffic on the way to the airport, and we found a parking space at the front of the lot. When we entered the airport, we discovered that the boys' flight was early. Their baggage was waiting when we got downstairs to claim it. We left the airport property to a more-or-less clear freeway. At one point, we needed to choose one of two options on 290; I chose the one I never choose, and it was totally clear, while our typical route was clogged with an accident. We arrived at Mike's house and were able to park right in front of his house. Dinner was delicious, our companions were warm and welcoming, and the conversation was at times hilarious. We saw some of the family members we've missed alot, like Luke, and could not stop feeling great that Devin and Colin were with us. We left at a reasonable time for my energy levels, and enjoyed traffic-free routes all the way home. We had a nice couple of hours watching a documentary with the children, who then quietly proceeded upstairs for the evening, allowing us the peace and quiet necessary to write a blog entry such as this.

With all of the huge things we have to be grateful for -- and, believe us, we are -- it's a day like today, where everything just seems to click and go right, that I find the day itself, and the events of such a day, something to be truly thankful for.

Thank you all for everything.


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