Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Pop quiz

Hi everyone:

Please look at this afternoon's photo, and try your luck at today's quiz. In the photo, is Patty:

(a) Preparing herself for a kiss
(b) Deep in thought
(c) Out like a light

If you answered (c), you're correct. Patty is having a pretty solid afternoon nap. Yesterday was an ambitious day, and the deficit is being repaid today. With what I perceive to be increasing frequency, Patty is experiencing pronounced fatigue and irregular heartbeats (although these seem to be brief in most cases.) In addition, Patty has often been saying, "I don't know how to explain it, but I just don't feel right." For some reason, these general feelings of poor health are profoundly unsettling to me.

We received a call today from Bednarcik Junior High, a school that both Kelly and PJ attended. The staff and faculty had organized a donation effort, and invited us to pick up a check. We continue to be touched by these amazing displays of kindness. As we've mentioned previously, Patty's colleagues at OEHS, and some former colleagues at OHS, continue to provide support with meals and groceries. Thank you all.

From time to time, when I really think about the fact that Patty has been in the newspaper, met famous musicians and attracted the attention and received the generosity of so much of our community, I feel some of my deepest waves of sadness. While I greatly appreciate what people have done and continue to do, I also realize that there's a reason for this outpouring, and that reason is heartbreaking to me. If I include the kids in my thoughts, this sadness is compounded. I don't indulge these thoughts often, because I don't think they do Patty much good, but sometimes they get through the filter.

As of this morning, Patty has survived two full years since her heart attack. My hope is that we'll be able to report such anniversaries for so long that it will seem ridiculous (and a little morbid) to keep count.


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