Friday, November 17, 2006

Naked fun

Hi everyone:

Last night, I took PJ, Kelly and Connor to the Barenaked Ladies concert at the Allstate Arena. As you can see, the band was gracious enough not only to meet with the kids, but also to pose for a group photograph (and several individual snaps.) The band demonstrates an incredible stage presence, and each member seems unbelievably genuine and down-to-earth.

We're also grateful to BNL's management company, Nettwerk, for making all of this possible. When Patty was unable to make the show, they did not hesitate to agree to allow the three kids to attend in her stead. We had great seats for a great show. I'm pretty sure this was one of the best days in a largely unpleasant year for the kids. The only thing that might have made it better was if Devin and Colin could have joined us; perhaps there will be another opportunity some time in the future.

Here's even better news: Patty is home from the hospital. She has been taken off Cytoxan, the drug that makes her so nauseous. This will likely also mean we're taking a bit of a break in trying to lower the PRA, but it will be worth the wait if Patty can catch a bit of a break from feeling ill all the time. We arrived home at around 2pm today; since then, Patty has been relaxing on the sofa.

It's nice to have our patient home.


The band in action

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