Thursday, November 09, 2006

Family times

Hi everyone:

I am very late in posting today, because I've been pretty busy with work and family commitments. Last night, I took Kelly and Connor to a Rain Forest presentation at Connor's school; I had a surprisingly good time and laughed much more than I anticipated. After the show, I stopped into Kickers for a cocktail. This is going to sound nauseatingly saccharin, but I feel like less than half of myself when I socialize without Patty. I can still have interesting conversations, as I did last night, but I miss Patty's perspective and her energy.

Tonight, we attended Kelly's choir concert at the high school. Again, we enjoyed ourselves, and our daughter did us proud.

Devin and Colin will be visiting for Thanksgiving. They will fly in on the 23rd and fly back out on the 27th. This is a short visit, but it's better than nothing and long overdue. I haven't seen Devin since March. While they're here, we'll be attending a concert by the band Wolfmother, which should be fun. To the best of my knowledge, this will be Devin and Colin's first big concert experience.

Patty and I went for a walk this morning. Patty's legs grew tired quickly, which could just be a consequence of deconditioning, but her heavy breathing was disconcerting to me. Tonight, she is suffering from a pretty intense headache. She's tough--really tough--but it all seems a bit unfair to me. More tomorrow...


Connor pets an alligator

An out-of-focus pic (sorry) of Kelly performing

The walk

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