Sunday, November 12, 2006

The struggle continues

Hi everyone:

Patty continues to have fevers ranging from 99-101.2. Patty believes it is a virus, and thus something that can't really be treated, but we called her doctors as a precaution. They have asked Patty to get labs done later this afternoon, so we'll head over to Edward Hospital in just a while. Should we get any answers today, I'll write again tonight. Please keep your fingers crossed that all of this does not lead to a hospitalization; Patty is pretty anxious and sad about this prospect.


P.S. As long as your fingers are crossed, could you also wish that the Bears will play better tonight than they did last week?


Luke said...

I'm thinking about you a lot, Patty. I only hope you don't have to go to the hospital - I know how much those visits really suck. Here's hoping that you do as well as the Bears did today (38-20) :)

Trish said...

We are hoping that you will be released today. I know that you are so much more comfortable at home in front of your cozy fireplace. You both are in Jim and I's thoughts. We will see you at home soon!!

Anonymous said...

Am praying for you to be better. Being sick sure is lousy. You are one tough lady. Brian, will be praying that you are able to get the rest you need so that you can continue to be the support and stability that Patty needs. You both are an amazing couple.

Anonymous said...

patty and brian
we will pray for you. we love you

the callahans