Friday, November 03, 2006

Apheresis done, on to IVIG

Hi everyone:

We just got home from University of Chicago Hospital, where Patty underwent the second plasmapheresis treatment (you'll recall they do these in sets of two, with a day off between.) Everything went just fine; hopefully, behind the scenes, we'll be realizing the desired effect in terms of antibody reduction. Time will tell...

I was able to donate blood today, which occupied no more than 20 minutes of the time we spent waiting for Patty's treatment to finish. I'm a bit embarrassed and even more ashamed that I've never donated blood before. On two other occasions, years ago, I offered to donate, and was declined because of allergies or a cold. If Patty is scheduled for plasmapheresis again in a month, my plan is to donate platelets at that time. I figure that if I try to make a donation each time Patty needs to spend a day in the hospital, I can make up for my earlier failings.

After plasmapheresis, we met with one of the cardiologists, who said that she thinks the various doctors involved in Patty's care need to put their heads together and propose what other options may be available. She acknowledged that at some point quality of life might become a better focus than quantity, and that she would support whatever decisions we might ultimately make, unless she thought we were being foolish. Based on Patty's current circumstances, she did not feel we were in any way being foolish in asking these questions.

We do not have the PRA results yet; these will likely be available on Monday. These will reflect the previous round of IVIG and plasmapheresis, rather than today's. Of course, we are really hoping these numbers will have dropped greatly, because that will give us more reason for optimism. Patty thinks there will be an improvement; I'm hopeful, but skeptical (and worried.)

Soon, Patty's home health nurse will arrive to get the IVIG infusion started. Cindy and Kathleen are planning to visit this evening. And that's about all I have to report for now. More later...



Ron and Shari Kaad said...

Look forward to better PRA results than the last. Hope to see you soon, and as always, thinking of you and your family.

Ron & Shari

Anonymous said...

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