Saturday, November 11, 2006

Somewhat better but still ailing

Hi everyone:

Please don't be alarmed. Patty isn't having a "Touched by An Angel" experience in the photo to the right. Every once in a while, I snap a number of photos and none of them look particularly flattering, so I play with them in Photoshop to achieve a more desirable effect.

Patty's malaise has continued into today. She has had a steady headache since she awakened this morning, and has experienced low-grade fevers and nausea throughout the day. Early this morning, she measured her temp at 100.8, but for most of the day has been able to stay below the three-digit measures. Having said all this, Patty is still feeling quite a bit better than yesterday.

PJ slept over at a friend's house last night and is at a school speech meet today. Kelly is visiting her cousin Amanda for the night, and Connor has his cousin Jake staying in our home. I took the boys out for lunch, shuffleboard and errands while Patty rested this afternoon. So far, we have no major plans for the evening. I'll write again if there's anything new to report.


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